Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Update from the Countryside

After 10 hours of crazy driving in Guiyang, I'm currently in Fenggang County, visiting various agricultural farms in the region. I must say, it's pretty awesome being here. The air is clean and beautiful, and its very scenic. I must say though, the farmers here are fairly well off compared to other counties (which I have yet to see, btw). There is a lot of eco-tourism that takes place here, so combined with the various tea farms are very decent lodging that would definitely garner a place in a China Lonely Planet.

Anyways- our days are usually packed pretty full (lots of conversation, eating, meetings, etc.) I'll add pictures and movies later.

In the meantime- below is a video of what its like to watch the World Cup at the school I'm staying at. Since most students don't have TV's in their rooms, a bunch crowd into the cafeteria to watch the games. I find it interesting how students clap to show their support for good plays, even though they're not rooting for any particular team. The excitement in the air is generally very palpable, unfortunately this game (Arg v Ger) was a blowout, so it wasn't particularly exciting:

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